DiscoverOporto Personalised Itinerary

We all know that putting together an itinerary for a trip can be time-consuming, so why not enlist the help of local people to help you with the task?

A personalised itinerary offers you a number of advantages.

Time Efficiency

It eliminates the need for extensive research, saving you precious time.

Knowledge of the City

They provide a more enriching experience and a special touch to your visit.


Once we know the budget for the trip, we can recommend free places or how to save a few €.

Elimination of Stress and Uncertainty

A pre-prepared itinerary eliminates stress related to logistics, making for a more relaxed and carefree experience.

Customisation tailored to personal preferences

By being personalised based on your preferences, these itineraries allow you to enjoy a unique experience.

Making the most of your Visit

We know how to maximise your time, making sure you don't miss out on the essential sights.


You just have to visit our partners' website.
for a limited time.
  • Personalised Itinerary in PDF
  • Link to itinerary in Google Earth/Google My Maps (desktop/mobile)

Procedure for preparing the Personalised Itinerary:

Send us the form indicating your preferences.

Upon receipt of the completed form, our team will carry out a careful analysis. If necessary, we will contact you via email for clarification.

After five working days (maximum), you will receive your itinerary. This document will include an accommodation proposal, daily activities, suggestions for places to visit, and other information relevant to your stay in Porto.

Yes, we will be available to make adjustments to the itinerary. If there are specific locations you wish to add, remove or modify, we will work closely with you to ensure the itinerary fully meets your expectations.

Yes, we are transparent about this; You don’t have to pay us anything. We only ask that you visit our partners, of which we are affiliates. If you make a purchase with them, we will receive a commission. However, we emphasize that the purchase is not mandatory and what we send are interesting suggestions, from recognized partners, that can help you save time and/or money. If the itinerary helps you, you can buy us a coffee 🙂

We are committed to providing a unique and memorable travelling experience.

We look forward to making your visit to Porto truly unforgettable!