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Going to Porto and not eating a Francesinha is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. If there's one thing the people of Porto can be proud of, is its famous sandwich, considered one of the ten best in the world by Aol Travel site, for example.

The dish is a kind of sandwich with a variety of cold meats, beef steak, ham, fresh sausage and sausage with melted cheese frosting. However, the great secret of francesinha is the sauce which recipe is kept secret by every eating house and restaurant. The francesinha is accompanied by fried potatoes and fried egg.

The story goes that the dish was created by Daniel David Silva in 1953, influenced by the croque-monsieur, a kind of French toasted sandwich he had known when he emigrated from  France. However, the name derives from the fact that Daniel said that "the spiciest woman I know are French." Of course it is impossible to confirm this story, but as the other said, between reality and fiction, I always choose the second one.

what to eat in porto - qué comer en oporto - o que comer no porto - Francesinha
Photo by DiscoverOporto

In Porto there are several places where you can try the francesinha for all tastes and palates. However, it is the Regaleira which today calls itself as the creator of this famous sandwich.

The cult for francesinha in Porto is such that there is even a respective confraternity, festivals are organized and several houses seeking to reinvent the recipe with either with cod, pineapple or other unexpected inventions. In addition to the Aol Travel distinction, the francesinha has been honored by other magazines and travel publications and lifestyles, such as Condé Nast Traveler or The Culture Trip, which also proves its reputation across borders.

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You can't finish your visit before tasting it.