Information about the most beautiful and historic Porto churches. Discover the Location, schedules, brief description and suggestions.

What to see in Porto - Porto Churches - Trindade Church
TRINDADE CHURCH ★★★☆☆ The Trindade Church was built during the XIX century. In its Neoclassical style facade, we highlight the Coat of Celestial Order and the two statues at each end, figuring St John of Matha and St. Felix of Valois. Inside, we highlight its beautiful organ, the altars decorated ...
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What to see in Porto - Porto Churches - Porto Cathedral
PORTO CATHEDRAL ★★★★★ The Porto Cathedral in one of oldest monuments in Portugal with Romanesque style in its origin. Its construction dates from the first half of the XII century and lasted until the beginning of the XIII century. During the centuries, was the object of several changes/works that incorporated ...
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What to see in Porto - Porto Churches - Santo Ildefonso Church
SANTO ILDEFONSO CHURCH ★★★☆☆ The building, of Santo Ildefonso Church, began in 1709 and ended (initially without the bell towers) in 1730. In 1739 the two bell towers were completed. Inside it is worth highlighting: The altarpiece with baroque and rococo carvings from the first half of the XVIII century ...
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What to see in Porto - Porto Churches - Carmo Church
CARMO CHURCH ★★★✮☆ Baroque/Rococo style, was built in the second half of the XVIII century, between 1756 and 1768. The side facade of the Carmo Church is covered by a great panel of tiles, with scenes depicting the founding of the Carmelite Order and Mount Carmel. The front facade, richly ...
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What to see in Porto - Porto Churches - São Francisco Church
SÃO FRANCISCO CHURCH ★★★★✮ Originally a Gothic church, from the XIV century that transformed itself in a baroque splendour. An excellent example of how the century XVII and XVIII invaded the old churches with gold, here you will find one of the most beautiful European Jesse Tree. The carvings, in ...
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