Porto Weather

The Porto weather is great for weekend city breaks, as visitors can explore the city all year around but the ideal is during the months of April to October in order to be able to enjoy your holiday to the maximum.
The city of Porto has a Mediterranean climate. In winter temperatures range between 5 ° C and 14 ° C. During this season, rainy periods alternate with cooler days and clear skies. In summer, temperatures range between 15 ° C and 25 ° C may occasionally reach or even exceed 35 ° C in July or August.

Porto in the Autumn / Winter
If you choose this time of year to visit Porto, do not worry as you will find numerous events that will make your visit very pleasant.
Compared to other European cities the temperature in autumn / winter in Porto is pretty pleasant and even in this period you will be able to enjoy sunny days.
During the night temperatures may go down quite a bit, so use them to discover the best gastronomy that Porto can offer.
This time of the year is great to taste the gastronomy, visit museums, and go to indoor events.

Porto in the Spring / Summer
In spring/summer, there is a wider range of things to do in the city we highlight the summer festivals, Saint John (city festival) and numerous events that take place outdoor.
The nights are usually warm, good for pleasant strolls.
We suggest these seasons for visits to know the city through long walks through the streets, visiting iconic locations or simply enjoy the city from one of the many terraces.

2015 Weather Data


(Weather Data from: IPMA)

TN - Average minimum temperature (degrees Celsius)
TX - Average maximum temperature (degrees Celsius)
TNN/D - Minimum air temperature (degrees Celsius) and the occurrence of day
TXX/D - Maximum air temperature (degrees Celsius) and the occurrence of day
RR - Total precipitation (mm)
RRMAX/D - Maximum daily precipitation (mm) and the occurrence of day
FFMAX/D - Intensity maximum wind gust (km / h) and occurring on