The weather in Porto, Portugal.

How is the weather in Porto? And the temperature?

What is the best month to visit? Are you planning to visit Porto in the next days and you want to know the weather forecast?

Planning a trip is not easy and, in addition to all the associated logistics, it still depends on many factors and variables. And these could not be more different from each other. The number of days of the stay, the weather conditions, what we want to see, the experiences, the budget, if you travel with children, with whom you travel…. and that makes the choice even more confusing.

But don't worry anymore! We've compiled everything you need to know about each month of the year so you can plan that part of the trip with the maximum amount of information and choose what you like best. And we will also tell you our favourite month to visit.

April and May - Ideal for short 2-3 day getaways to get to know Porto, because the number of tourists is still low, this means that there are no long lines to visit some attractions. During these months the weather in Porto is pleasant and mild. In April we have April 25th, a national holiday that marks and commemorates the “Revolução dos Cravos”, the day of national freedom that overthrew the dictatorial regime of forty years. In the first week of May we have “Queima das Fitas”, the main student celebration in Porto, where you can enjoy concerts, serenades and a lot of food and drinks for a week. That is a lot of fun and music. “Queima das Fitas” is already considered the second biggest celebration in Porto, right after “São João”. In these months the price of the hotels is still interesting. At the end of May and early June there is a very interesting festival which is not only for culture lovers, this is the “Serralves em Festa” and is well worth visiting. After all, there are 50 non-stop hours of dance shows, theatre, exhibitions and music…. and all this with totally free entry.

June - During this month you can count with the “Festa de Cerveja” (Porto Beer Fest - days 12 to 16), but the biggest attraction is the St. John’s Celebration - Festa de São João - on the night of the 23rd to 24th, which marks the beginning of Summer and all the festivities in the city. It is one of those events that are worth a visit to Porto by themselves. Thousands of people gather in the streets, there is popular music everywhere, sardines and lots of fun. Stroll the streets with a beer in one hand and a plastic hammer in the other, dance with everyone and buy a basil before stopping at midnight to watch the fantastic firework display at Ribeira, right by Dom Luís I bridge. The weather in Porto in June is very good, with average maximum temperatures of 22.9 °C. At the end of the month see the Rabelo boat regatta, the famous boats of the city of Porto, which have marked the Douro river landscape since the 17th century. In June you can also go to the City Park to see the NOS Primavera Sound concerts. It's the ideal festival for those who love music and who are tired of all those branded events.

Porto Weather

July and August - During these months many festivals (such as “Marés Vivas”) and concerts are held, the beaches are excellent (note that the water temperature in Porto is only one all year long and it's… cold) and the terraces a “Must”. However, the number of tourists is booming, so you have to expect long lines to enter certain places, such as Lello Bookshop or Café Majestic, for example. Hotel prices, as usual, are peaking, crowded restaurants and a lot of people everywhere. In August the temperature in Porto can reach 35º, which is not very pleasant for those planning a visit on foot or with children. So keep these situations in mind as they are critical to a positive and enjoyable experience.

September and October - In these months you can find a mild weather in Porto and a temperature around 22 °C. Besides that, the city starts to get fewer tourists after the August flood. So, in our opinion, these are two fantastic months to really get to know the city, with long worry-free walks. During the month of October, there is the “Francesinha Festival”, the famous sandwich that is the ex-libris of Porto gastronomy, so there is no better time to try some and decide which one is best. There are dozens of restaurants that bring their secret francesinha recipes to the contest and, in the end, the real winners are us. Take the opportunity to visit, during the month of October, the Douro vineyard, the area where the grapes that produce Port Wine are produced and which is considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and experience the harvest season.

Porto Weather

November to March - During these months the prices are lower (except Christmas and New Year) and the temperature is low... cold is a reality that cannot be escaped, but for those who want to know a more gastronomic and cultural Porto, they can find here an opportunity.”Casa da Música” has exceptional concerts throughout the year (although a visit to the building is an extraordinary experience in itself), the Serralves Foundation Museum is an amazing place to stroll and see great exhibitions of modern art. Fantasporto (February) is one of the most important film festivals in the world and the “Essência do Vinho” (February), held at “Palácio da Bolsa”, brings together the best wine producers in the region. These are all top-notch cultural and gastronomic suggestions that will please even those who are not a regular consumer of these things. The New Year's Eve party in Porto is celebrated downtown (Avenida dos Aliados), where you can expect to see concerts and fireworks, is a fantastic event that makes Porto a place of choice to enter the New Year. There are thousands of people on the streets, dancing and having fun, to the sound of some of the most famous DJs in the world.

What do you think? Are you clearer about the weather in Porto and what months are best suited to your intentions?

We hope so. Well, as we said at the beginning, we will tell you our favorite. And this is... June. For us, this month is fantastic, starting at the St. John’s Festival and ending with a fantastic weather. For those traveling with children, this month is really the time of the year to choose. Surely you will not regret it. In addition, you have a lot to do and you can still escape the hustle of July and August, when the city becomes harder to know due to the flood of tourists and visitors from around the world.

Do you want to visit Porto in the coming days, and want to know the weather forecast and temperature?

If you are coming to Porto in the coming days, it is best to visit this website (IPMA) which is the official website of the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere. Here you can check the weather forecast for the next 10 days and find out if the weather will be the most favourable for your visit.