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Top Porto Itineraries

What are the best itineraries to visit the city of Porto?

What can I visit in 1, 2, 3 days?

Can I go on foot?

These questions are those that often arise in the minds of visitors to the city of Porto, since they want to make the most of their stay. Do not worry, for helping to answer these questions we organized some itineraries, which will allow you to visit the city of Porto at your own the pace.

Porto with Childrens
Porto with Childrens When travelling with children sometimes is difficult to find places they love. With this itinerary "Porto with Childrens", we try to help make their visit more fun and enjoyable. There are several possible combinations, with the selected sites, see one that we found ideal for children: Go ...
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Top Porto Itineraries - Porto in 1 day
Porto in 1 day - “Super Intensive” This itinerary proposal, to the city of Porto in 1 day, is for those who want a "Super Intensive" visit, visiting only the most symbolic places of the city. We chose a route that, apart from the proposed sites will allow you to ...
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